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What is PromxIDO?
New era of the Decentralized Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad
Launch your project, whatever the blockchain
The initial blockchains supported will be Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.
The second release will allow supporting Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot via the Moonbeam Parachain.
The final planned release will include Cosmos & Tron unless the community, through our governance system, has decided otherwise and will depend on the development of the ecosystems at the moment.

Every project will be rigorously verified by our experienced team. The process will include non-negotiable criteria to be respected. For safety reasons, PromxIDO will handle the liquidity lock and the project's different vestings...

Safe & Quality Projects
Fair Distribution
Depending on how much and how long a partcipant is staking his $PRMX tokens, he will have the possibility to partcipate in the upcoming projects on PromxIDO according to a fair calculation based on our ERA Tier System...
Incubation & Ease for Projects
PromxIDO will make IDOs easier for any project needing to raise funds. Projects will also expand their exposure to potential partcipants and will be able to benefit from our expertise in the crypto environment...
Our Era Tier System
1 to 4.99 Tickets 10,000 Staked $PRMX
Guaranteed allocation
6 to 15.99 Tickets 50,000 Staked $PRMX Guaranteed allocation
20 to 29.99 Tickets 150,000 Staked $PRMX Guaranteed allocation
Min. 37 Tickets 250,000 Staked $PRMX Guaranteed allocation
Our Roadmap
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
  1. Idea & Concept
  2. Form a team (Design, Engineering, Marketers)
  3. Whitepaper development
  4. Website launch
  5. Socials
  6. Start APP development
  7. Contract Audit
  8. Seed fundraising round
  9. IDO & Token $PRMX DEX Listing
  10. Testnet PromxIDO: BSC & ETH IDOs
  1. Staking
  2. Integration of POLYGON
  3. Integration of AVALANCHE
  4. Integration of FANTOM
  5. Integration of KUSAMA (via MOONRIVER)
  6. Integration of POLKADOT (via MOONBEAM)
  7. Integration of SOLANA
  8. Integration of CARDANO
  9. Governance: DAO for PromxIDO Decision
  1. Integration of COSMOS
  2. Integration of TRON
  3. Integration of community-selected blockchains
  4. Partnership connections
  5. Mobile App development
  6. CEX Listing
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Meet our Team
Mike Torsek
Software Developer
Daniil Selivanov
Blockchain Developer
Krzysztof Paprocki
Senior Software Engineer
David Sanchez
Project Manager
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